Gaastra Jekyll
Sizes Available: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.5, 12, 14, 16.5, 19m
Sizes Tested: 9, 12m

Gaastra Says:

This 6th Generation Jekyll is without question the fastest and most performance oriented kite Gaastra has ever built. We improved the steering by using a straight tip shape and thicker diameter of the LE in the tip area. It turns super fast and flies through the window all the way to the extreme edge giving it insane upwind abilities. The extremely light bar pressure gives an effortless feedback to the rider. It has a very efficient de-power that gets rid of 85% of the power when sheeted out while keeping the steering characteristics alive. Even when depowered, the Jekyll still obeys your commands. The huge sweet spot gives this kite the widest wind range in our line up. The Jekyll is a dedicated 4 Line SLE kite, but comes with the option to use a 5th line. The 5 strut skeleton in fully segmented in construction, making the kite super rigid even in toughest conditions.

Our Testers Say:

“Very colorful, nice steady and stable kite. Smooth turning, easy to get upwind on, and plenty of power,” Marko Bartscherer.

“Stable, good power, especially when jumping,” Joe Bharat.

“Solid performance, medium turning speed. A stable, solid performer with no issues I noticed. Good upwind performance,” Andy Sologub.

Meet the 2013 TKB Test Team.

TKB Says:

While many kiteboarders are unfamiliar with the Gaastra brand, it has been around for a long time, just not in the US. Now reentering the US market after an almost 10-year hiatus, we received a 2013 Gaastra Jekyll to test. It’s a brightly-colored 5-strut medium/high-aspect kite.The rear lines are adjustable to change the kite’s turning speed and bar pressure.

Our testers commented on the Jekyll’s great stability, easy upwind performance, and medium sweeping turns. They also commented on the kite’s very good jumping performance.


The Jekyll uses the Gaastra X2 Bar System. It features an above-bar trim adjuster, adjustable ends (from 46 to 52cm), and a unique push-away quick release that uses magnets instead of a small bungee cord to stay closed. On land this quick release felt as if it might be overly easy to activate, but our testers put it through rigorous unhooking testing and reported no problems with it on the water. This bar also features an adjustable depower throw and a clip to keep the excess depower line from tangling on other lines.


  • Very good jumping performance and upwind ability.
  • Stable and predictable handling.


  • Average turning speed.