F-One TX
Sizes Available: 134, 136, 138cm
Size Tested: 134x39cm

Manufacturer’s Description:

The research and development team at F-ONE has decided to retain the shape of the TX 2012 because it perfectly combines performance, comfort and accessibility. Benefiting from technologies developed for the TRAX, it is intended for riders who want versatility with performance and accessibility. Its single concave bottom combined with side channels provides a quick early planing, directional stability and excellent ability to pass through choppy waters. The lateral V helps with edging and makes it more tolerant in passing the chop. The TX 6 is a playful freeride board. It provides an intuitive navigation with great versatility. It will even surprise the best freestylers!

Tester’s Comments:

“Nice, easy all-around board. Great handling in the chop and nice fast and predictable turning,” Marko Bartscherer.

“Great upwind performance and sliced through the chop. Very smooth and controllable, an excellent freeride board,” Walid Jomaa.

“Smooth, good upwind, good pop, and comfortable pads. A really comfortable performer,” Andy Sologub.

Meet the 2013 TKB Test Team.

TKB Summary:

The 2013 TX features a single concave, channeled bottom, and inverted ABS rails (soft on bottom, hard on top). It also features the unique F-One Unibox fin system that allows F-One to use thinner fins as the fin does not have to be designed around the screws. Our testers commented on the TX5’s very smooth, forgiving, and stable ride, good upwind performance, and good jumping performance.


The TX’s straps and pads were easy to install and adjust for a wide variety of sizes. They were very comfortable for most testers but a few testers did comment that they felt the straps didn’t fit their feet correctly.

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