Cabrinha Spectrum
Sizes Available: 133, 136, 140, 144cm
Size Tested: 140x42cm

Cabrinha Says:

The Spectrum is a Universal Ride model which means that it can perform in any and all conditions suited for twin tips. The Spectrum implements many of the construction techniques and material often found in more expensive models. Features such as: Pauwlonia wood core for strength and rebound. Urethane side wall construction. The Spectrum is a progression model which means that it has the performance ability to keep up with your riding level as you progress.

Our Testers Say:

“I really liked the straps and pads. The board itself was easy to edge, great upwind, handled the chop well, and had decent pop. It was just really comfortable and easy and fun to ride,” Dray Murray.

“A simple board with soft food pads. Good upwind, good pop, and OK in the chop,” Kirstyn O’Brien.

“This is a great all-around twin tip that will work well for a lot of different riders in different conditions. It looks even better when you consider its relatively low price,” Paul Lang.

Meet the 2013 TKB Test Team.

TKB Says:

The 2013 Cabrinha Spectrum is a relatively wide twin tip with a full wood core and urethane rails. Our testers reported very good upwind performance, good jumping performance, and a forgiving ride.


The Spectrum came with the 2013 Cabrinha Hydra strap and pad system. Our testers had no complaints about these pads and straps and all testers commented that they were very comfortable.

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