2012 Peter Lynn Fury

Peter Lynn Fury
Sizes Available: 7, 9, 11, 13m
Sizes Tested: 11m

2012 Peter Lynn Escape

2012 Peter Lynn Escape

Peter Lynn Escape
Sizes Available: 5, 7, 9, 11, 13m
Sizes Tested: 9m

Peter Lynn Says:

Fury: The Peter Lynn Fury is the high-end freeride kite with massive potential. The high Aspect Ratio and 5 strut setup will deliver great performance in all areas of use. The Peter Lynn Fury is a kite that will be most valued by demanding riders that will use its performance and potential to progress to the next level. Every size has been designed specifically with a particular use in mind. The smaller sized Fury (7-13m) excels in freeride, wave and all around performance.

Escape: The Peter Lynn Escape is the allround freeride/freestyle/wave kite with a medium Aspect Ratio and a 4-strut setup, for the best crossover between ease of use and accessible performance. The Escape is a kite that will be most valued by riders who want to improve their skills and progress. From wakestyle to ripping some waves and from the first jumps to new school kiteloops. This is a truly outstanding allround kite that takes riders to the next level. The feedback through the bar is so intuitive, the rider will feel assured from the start. Riding the Escape in stronger winds, the rider will feel in control and can take advantage of the performance this kite has to offer. Big jumps and kiteloops can be handled with ease. In the low wind range the kite is very forgiving while already offering performance.

Our Testers Say:

“Decent kite with light bar pressure and quick pivotal turning,” Davey Beard (Escape).

“Quick turning, good wind range. Responds quickly to bar input, but is prone to stalling when over sheeted,” Dray Murray (Escape).

“Flies further forward than the Escape and has really smooth power delivery. Fun to boost on but less stable than the Escape,” Dray Murray (Fury).

“Both the Peter Lynn kites are  very simple, with a clean bar and bridle, and offer a nice light feel  along with smooth, progressive power and fast turning. They do not want to fly down like some other kites, but instead hold their postion in the window, without much rider input needed.  The Fury is fast, and the Escape is more low aspect and probably better for the wake style riders, ” Kirk Robinson, Guest Tester, Captain Kirk’s.

Meet the 2013 TKB Test Team.

TKB Says:

Long known for their twin-skin ram air kites, we had a chance to test the 2012 Peter Lynn Fury and Escape, the first inflatable kites produced by the company. Compared side by side the Fury and Escape look very different. The Fury is a high-aspect 5-strut kite while the Fury is a medium aspect 4-strut kite.

On the Escape our testers reported good all-around performance and quick, very responsive handling. Testers commented that the Fury had better upwind and jumping performance, but turned slower and was less stable. On both kites, testers also reported each seemed to have excellent wind range.


The Peter Lynn Navigator SL bar used by both kites features an above-bar depower cleat, adjustable ends, adjustable stopper, below-bar swivel, and a pull-to-release safety system that can only be operated from one side.


  • Good upwind and jumping performance (Fury).
  • Fast, responsive handling (Escape).
  • Wide wind range (both the Fury and Escape).


  • When not correctly trimmed, the 2012 first generation Fury and Escape kites can back stall. Peter Lynn says this was addressed on the 2013 second generation models due out this spring.
  • Quick release can only be operated on one side and is a pull-to-release system which is the opposite of the industry-standard push away.