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F-One Bandit 6
Sizes Available: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14m
Sizes Tested: 9, 12m

F-One Says:

Based on the stand alone patented F-ONE DELTA C-SHAPE design, the BANDIT 6 fits perfectly in the BANDIT stellar line-up. Its complex and demanding performance criteria were respected in each aspect and for every kiteboarding discipline. This allowed us to maintain the qualities previously acquired while implementing new ones. Improvements do not uniquely concern big changes in design, they also concern details. The fine tuning of those details, sometimes invisible to the eye, has a massive influence on the feeling that we get when riding, and this is what we’ve worked on.

Our Testers Say:

“Had a lot of power, good turning speed, and jumped really well. Great range!” Pat O’Connor.

“Very nice, smooth turning, steady power, a great all-around kite,” Walid Jomaa.

“Responsive, perfect amount of bar pressure, super easy to relaunch. I liked the actual bar itself, but the end of the depower line kept hitting my hands,” Kirstyn O’Brien.

“Great kite. Simple, fast, great boosting performance. Felt super efficient yet simple and predictable,” Davey Beard.

Meet the 2013 TKB Test Team.

TKB Says:

For 2013 the F-One Bandit 6 remains a 3-strut Delta kite targeted for all riders and all styles of riding. Our testers commented on the kite’s fast turning, medium-light bar pressure, and great all-around performance. Compared to last year’s Bandit the Bandit 6 feels similar but turns feel a little more direct and the kite itself feels a little more solid.

Our testers feel that the Bandit 6 is a kite that will work well for most riders and commented that it’s a kite that most riders will immediately feel comfortable on. They also mentioned the Bandit’s easy relaunch, great stability, quick turning, and good jumping performance.


The Bandit 6 uses the F-One Monolith bar which has been machined from solid aluminum. This creates a light and very stiff feeling bar. The bar features an above-bar depower cleat, plastic-coated depower line, above-bar swivel, and a Velcro pull-tab style quick release that can only be operated from one side. Almost every tester pointed out the fact that the plastic end of the depower line has a tendency to hit your knuckles if you have the kite depowered.


  • Great all-around performance.
  • Fantastic stability, very easy to relaunch.
  • Fast and predictable handling.


  • No color coding on the bar itself. F-One did add color-coding to the bar floats, but our testers commented that it wasn’t that obvious.
  • Plastic piece on the end of the depower line can whack your knuckles if you have depowered the kite a lot.
  • Velcro-style quick release can only be operated from one side.