With the fall leaves changing color and snow beginning to crest the mountaintops, the 2012-13 winter brings with it Tahoe’s newest winter experience, snowkiting. Snowkiting is a sport where skiers and snowboarders use windpower to go uphill, across meadows, jump, and get endless powder turns.

One of Tahoe’s most prominent ski areas, Sugar Bowl Resort, has embraced this sport and will be offering a riding and lesson area for people to learn and enjoy. For the past ten years, snowkiting has been gaining popularity throughout the US. “The presence of snowkiting in the Tahoe area has long been awaited. With the new Sierra Snowkite Center, everyone will have the opportunity to take part in this great sport,” says Jacob Buzianis, snowkiting legend and owner
of Utah Snowkite Center.

Sugar Bowl sales and marketing director, John Monson, and North American Snowkite Tour Champion/ owner of Sierra Snowkite, Tyler Brown, have been looking forward to bringing snowkiting to Donner Summit for several years. “People can now enjoy a day of skiing only to retire to an afternoon of snowkiting,” explains Tyler, “With Sugar Bowl operating Royal Gorge and now the addition of the Sierra Snowkite Center, one can partake in a trifecta of winter sports all in one day. It’s truly a unique experience that is only offered here on Donner Summit.” Sierra Snowkite will offer a variety lesson packages, gear demos, and an amazing 250 acre riding area.

More Info:

Sierra Snowkite Center at Sugar Bowl and Royal Gorge Ski Areas
Donner Summit, CA

The Sierra Snowkite riding area is a 250 acre meadow with undulating terrain. There are natural hills and wind drifts to play on in addition to the endless deep powder. Sierra Snowkite also provides two man-made features for your sliding and jumping pleasure.

The Sierra Snowkite Center offers a diverse range of snowkite lessons. Whether it’s a mellow day of family kite flying, adapting your kiteboarding skills to the snow, or learning to ride endless powder, there is a lesson for you.

The Sierra Snowkite Center has a variety of different kite demo options. Demo arrangements can be made hourly, daily, or weekly.