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Underwave was introduced to the US market in 2012 and is back with a refreshed line of softgood products for 2013. Some of the Underwave harnesses feature the unique Vacust technology, which allows you to create a true custom fit with your harness. Nico Ostermann with Bay Area Kitesurf (the US distributor for Underwave) answered our questions about the 2013 Underwave line.

What are some of the highlights of the 2013 Underwave wetsuit line?

We’ve used liquid seam seal at all exterior joints as well as a stick skin joint at the arm and leg cuffs making for a super watertight second skin. We’ve also provided triple neck layering to give you a seriously snug and watertight seal at your neck line.

With these suits you’ll get no more water down your neck and back. Our Imperial Frontzip system is one of the easiest to get on and off. We have also introduced a full line of Junior wetsuits for the groms and gromlettes out there.

What are some of the features of the Underwave wetsuits that set them apart from other brands?

We use high grade, durable, and super stretchy/flexible neoprene from the best factory that combines three different types of interior fabric – Thermo Flex , Bright Flex, and Extreme Flex. These three together provide a very hydrophobic, warm, and flexible/stretchy feeling.

Another cool and very functional addition to our wetsuits is the Perfo-Prene detail at the lower leg cuffs. It’s basically a drainage system with small holes in the neoprene that allows for fast water drainage from your legs. No more “bulb leg” riding!

What are the main differences between the Imperial and Atlantis wetsuits?

Our Imperial line suits are the cream of the crop with the best attention to detail, snug fit, and liquid seal seams. They are warm and comfy with a multitude of thicknesses to choose from. The Atlantis line has a great price point and awesome value. These suits will still keep you warm and comfortable yet not break the bank.

What are some of the standout features of the Underwave harnesses?

The support and graphics are really a stand out as well as build quality. The Underwave harnesses are really durable, light, easy to wear, and comfortable with simple cinch down strap systems. All the harnesses come with an emergency line cutter right next to the spreader bar, which is a great addition.

What are the main differences between the different harnesses?

We have a harness for all riders, both male and female, beginner to advanced. Take your pick. For the ladies the choices are the Sultane waist harness or the Atlantis seat harness. The guys can choose from the Imperial, Sultan, or Atlantis lines. Once again our Imperial line is the premium collection, focused on comfort and durability for those riders that are either freestyle or wave specific.

The Vacust version of the Imperial is the top harness we offer for back support. Our Sultan line once again represents a great value without compromising on comfort. The Atlantis seat harnesses are great first harness or if you are a course racer then I highly recommend you try one. They are snug yet don’t ride up while you’re on the water.

What is the Vacust system?

The Imperial waist harness comes with the optional Vacust system, a unique and patented technology that provides true custom fit lower back support. There is a air-tight patch integrated into the harness with tiny soft beads in it. Those small beads stick together when air is sucked out using a small pump and the result is comfort of the highest degree with true custom fit.

If you have back issue, this is the harness you need. This year, in addition to the Imperial waist harness, we have also introduced the same system into our Imperial seat harness with added Vacust pouches to include not only your lower back but also your waist area. It’s like dropping into a feather bed of comfort. Read more about the Vacust technology at www.vacust.com.

What’s the best way for a rider to find the harness model best suited to them?

Decide if you are mainly a wave rider, freestyler, course racer, or all three. This will guide you to the one that works. Try them on, try them all, and there will be one that will fit you just right.

Are there any other special Underwave products you’d like to highlight?

For those cold and windy days before, between, and after your sessions, our Mat Maz jacket for men and Matty Jacket for women will keep you wrapped in neoprene warmth.

Underwave Matty Jacket

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