The AFT Team combines a dual Velcro closure and integrated molded EVA arms with our AFT Footbed. This provides maximum comfort and durability, which top riders such as Alex Pastor and Bas Koole need for those endless sessions. Easy entry allows riders to quickly adjust the strap while the double Velcro closure customizes the tension of the front and back of the strap, adjusting to different foot shapes. $200,

We recently tested the new Airush AFT Team Pads and Straps, giving our testers a chance to put down their surfboards and spend a few sessions riding a twin tip.

The AFT Pads and Straps were very easy to install as the straps are pre-curved. We didn’t have to fight the straps at all when getting the screws started like we have encountered with some systems.

When installing these straps and pads, you are able to adjust the angle of the stance to your liking. The straps feature two adjustment straps, allowing you to adjust them to fit your feet better than straps with a single adjustment strap.

The footpads have a number of ridges on them and our testers thought they were very comfortable while offering a lot of traction to keep your feet from slipping out.

Our riders all found this to be a very comfortable strap/pad system even during long sessions in choppy water. None of our testers had anything to complain about and commented about how well the straps fit their feet after using both adjustment straps.


  • Very easy to quickly adjust.
  • Dual adjustment straps create a custom-fit feel.
  • Foot pads offer really good traction while remaining very comfortable.
  • Very easy to install.


  • Riders with very small feet might have a heard time getting the AFT straps tight enough.


The Airush AFT Team Pads and Straps are very easy to adjust straps that are easy to install on your board. Our riders felt they were very comfortable with a wide, supportive strap. Our testers also reported no tendency for their feet to slip out on accident. We feel riders with very small feet may have a difficult time getting these straps tight enough on the sides of their feet. We recommend these straps for riders who what a comfortable and adjustable strap system that gives you a very solid connection to your board.