Getting ready for the downwind Slalom from La Cruz to the Event Site. 163 riders registered!

Over 160 riders registered for this year’s Festival de Viento held in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico in late May at the AZUL condominiums beach.

Starting Friday, May 18, competitors from Jalsico, Colima, Sinaloa, Baja, Merida, Cozumel and Cancun got warmed up at the spot, enjoying the warm water, conditions and hospitality of the event location, sponsors, and organizers.

Downwind Slalom to Event Site.

On Saturday, a downwind slalom race was held from La Cruz to Bucerias. 163 riders registered and in the end, Adam Whittington came out on top, followed by Sean Farley and Alberto Martinez. Shortly following the race, freestyle heats got rolling in three categories: Men’s Pro, Men’s Open and Women’s Pro. At the end of the day, full heats were completed for the Women’s Pro with Warenka Smutny taking first, Raquel Arroyo second and Jessica Winkler in third.

The wind came up early Sunday allowing organizers to start the long distance race from Bucerias-La Cruz-Bucerias simultaneoulsy with the semi finals for men’s freestyle. As the wind was a bit light, competitors focused on pulling powered moves.

Look out for grom 11-year-old Anthar Racca who a lot of pressure on his more seasoned counterparts.

For the Men’s Open, Bernardo Corvera took the win followed by 14-year-old Juan Pablo Tron and Oscar Anceno in 3rd. For the Men’s Pro Final, young grom Anthar Raca at 11 years old was pulling handle passes like a robot, putting pressure on his more seasoned competitors. When all heats were completed, experience won with Noe Molk taking the crown followed by Anthar Raca and Adam Whittington.

Noe Molk Finished 1st on Freestyle Pro.

The event was a great success due to everyone that attended and supporting sponsors:

Miller, Riviera Nayarit, Azul, Gente Bien, Kiteboarding Planet, Kiteschool La Cruz, Red Bull, North, Liquid Force, Mystic, Go Pro, Proud, ALbera, The Kiteboarder Magazine, La Cevicheria, & GDL Kiteboarding.


Mens Freestyle Pro

1 Noe Molk

2 Anthar Raca

3 Adam Whittington

 Mens Freestyle Open

1 Bernardo Corvera

2 Juan Pablo Tron

3 Oscar Anceno

 Womens Freestyle Pro

1 Warenka Smutny

2 Raquel Arroyo

3 Jessica Winkler

Downwind Slalom

1 Adam Whittington

2 Sean Farley

3 Alberto Martinez

Long Distance Race

1 Alberto Martinez

2 Adam Finner

3 Santiago Ramirez

Photos courtesy Carlos Altamirano