The fourth day at the Copa Mundial de Kitesurf Adicora proved to be more exciting as ever, as both race and freestyle action took place on this ideal and windy morning and afternoon. If spectators and competitors thought the beach was crowded on previous days, they would not have guessed that those crowded first days were only the beginning, as the weekend brought seemingly endless throngs of people, covering every patch of the water’s edge. This huge attendance also inspired amazing energy, every rider gaining cheers and stoke from the lively beach in front of them.

Racing commenced first for the day, the 14-18 knots perfect for some morning competition. Peter Zweers (NED) commented that he first expected his 15m to be sufficient, but quickly changed to a 10m just before the race began, and found that to be the perfect size for the conditions. Three races played out on this day, with Bryan Lake (USA) leading the pack on each finishing line. Riccardo Leccese (COL) placed consistently second, and Alvaro Cadena (COL) and Victor Adamo (BRA) held onto third interchangeably. After the racing, Zweers commented that he has much to learn for the top riders, going on to say that he is amazed at the level that both Lake and Leccese race at.

The day continued on with the much-anticipated double eliminations. Heats began with the women on 8m kites, as both Rocio Ines Campos (ARG) and Annabel Von Westerop hit some nice Blind Judge 3s and Loop Slims. For the women, Manuel Jungo (SUI) climbed the ladder for some time, until losing in her heat against Asia Litwin (POL). Later on, Alberto Rondina (ITA) and Marc Jacobs (NZ) battled it out in one of the closest heats of the day. Rondina revealed after his heat that the wind seemed to vary in different parts of the box, and that this sometimes made it difficult to execute tricks in the perfect place.

Sam Light (UK) also shined as he rose threw the ranks. He threw several classic wake-style maneuvers that many have come to expect from the seasoned rider, as well as a well-received Switch Slim and Air Back-to-Blind. In speaking about his match-up with Alex Pastor (ESP), Light commented that it wasn’t his best heat, but that he was really happy to go against him and see how he fared.  He also spoke of his strategy in executing more toeside tricks, which has worked to his advantage with the new PKRA scoring system.

Eventually, the big winners of the day were Youri Zoon, Kevin Langeree, Mario Rodwald, Gisela Pulido, Bruna Kajiya, and Karolina Winkowska. In Zoon and Langeree’s match-up, each competitor was completely fired up and going their hardest. Zoon drew a gasp from the crowd with his 8.23 Double Back Mobe, while Langeree hit a high scoring Front Mobe, among other big tricks. In fact, in the last moments of this men’s final, Youri hit his trick so hard that his boots completely snapped of his board, providing a perfect and dramatic exit to a stupendous last heat of the day. Notably, both Langeree and Mario were all smiles after the official announcements, as this will be the best placement that each competitor has achieved all year.

Additionally, Pulido and Kajiya performed at their highest abilities, each executing major tricks in the slightly decreasing wind. In the women’s final heat, Gisela scored a major Kite Loop Slim, while Bruna completed a nice S-Mobe and Blind Judge 3 . Pulido came out the winner in this final, saying that she is very happy to have earned first, even though she would have been grateful to earn a second place finish as well.

The final day of the Copa Mundial de Kitesurf Adicora turned out to be a relaxed and calm day for many, as the competition turned up one last time for some racing action and the final awards ceremony. With freestyle double eliminations completed, riders arrived ready to carry out a few more races before ending the competition for good. Celebrations from the previous night seemed to lend to a decrease in spectator numbers; however, this only served as affirmation that the event has done its part to show Adicora a good time.

Starting in the early afternoon, racing commenced with a clean start and the day’s first on-water battle. As usual, Riccardo Leccese (COL) and Bryan Lake (USA) led the way, breaking away from the rest of the fleet and going head to head around each mark. Unfortunately for the racers, the wind proved to be somewhat variable, forcing several competitors to change their kites between races. Four races were eventually completed – Lake achieved first place on three of these four races, while Leccese achieved first place on the ninth race and second in the remainder.

Victor Adamo (BRA) was also very happy with his performance at this event, saying “I am very glad I was able to compete with the top racers, especially alongside Alvaro Cadena, because it pushes the level of sport and it pushes my riding.” Adamo has only been to a handful of PKRA events in past years; however, his third place finish at this championship event most certainly highlights his talent and potential. The other third place finisher at the Copa Mundial de Kitesurf Adicora, Mario Rodwald (GER), also couldn’t have been more excited about his first ever podium placement with the PKRA, and shared his stoke revealing “This has been one of my biggest goals for a long time!”

The awards ceremony took place on the grand stage at the event site, where many fans, friends, and spectators gathered to see the final unveiling of the official winners for both freestyle and racing. Proudly accepting their awards and accolades, each winner looked over the audience with big smiles and much appreciation. Many t-shirts could be seen throughout the crowd with the rider’s signatures splayed all around, possibly the most memorable – Bryan Lake’s autograph with the phrase “Muy Rapido!” in huge print.

Finally, with the winds decreasing and the cloud cover cooling down the sun-tanned spectators, PKRA competitors bid their final farewell to the place and people that have lent to such an incredible and memorable first-time event in Adicora, Venezuela.

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