Video Review | By James Brown

The Way To Fly: Comprehensive Beginners Guide to Kiteboarding

As the title states, this is truly the most comprehensive beginner instructional video I have seen since I started kiting in 1999. PASA-certified head examiner, Chris Moore, has turned beginner kite instruction into a fine tuned machine. Instruction is thorough—completing each step of the learning process in a logical sequence. He covers the steps in detail and explains “why” it is done, which is often skipped in other instructional programs. Safety is given an emphasis throughout.

I would highly recommend this video to anyone that is serious about learning proper as well as time and frustration saving techniques. These days, with proper instruction, there is no need to pay the dues we had to pay in the past.

You or your friends and family can save a lot of time and frustration by watching and paying attention to this video before the next step of taking actual training kite and full-size power kite lessons with a certified instructor.

You will get the added benefit of being ahead of the game during your lessons so you can concentrate more on perfecting your technique and muscle-memory than on absorbing too much information all at once.

Bonus chapters: How To Choose a Trainer Kite and Yoga for Kiteboarding

Running Time: 90+ minutes

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