HR Sports Resorts and Pryde Group America announced that PGA has purchased the Vela Windsurf Resorts and Vela Kitesurf Resorts brands from HR Sports and will be expanding the number of destination resort facilities. The Pryde Group has served as the primary supplier of windsurfing and kitesurfing equipment for Vela resort centers for more than 20 years and the two companies have a long history of multi-faceted cooperation.  Vela now supports nine resort operations located throughout the US, Mexico, and the Caribbean.  Pryde Group Americas intends to rapidly expand the number of Vela operations, particularly Vela Kitesurf Resorts featuring its leading brand, Cabrinha Kitesurfing.

The acquisition was negotiated jointly by Kent Marinkovic, President of PGA, and Mr. Neil Pryde founder and Managing Director of the Hong Kong based Neil Pryde Ltd.  The deal is expected to have a positive impact on Pryde Group brands globally.

“I am absolutely delighted that we have been able to put together this deal with Vela.  Buck Lyons and Vela have been partners with Pryde Group for over 20 years and this new structure will make it easier for us to provide access to enthusiasts wishing to enter our sports and in the long term, this will have a positive influence on the development of both windsurfing and kitesurfing. Travel is an important part of the action sports scene today and the Pryde Group is now firmly invested in travel through Vela.” – Neil Pryde

HR Sports, under the direction of managing partner Karl Williams, will continue to administer the marketing and booking functions under contract with Pryde Group Americas.  Customers should find the transition seamless and will enjoy an expanding number of locations along with more Pryde Group clinics and other special events.   Vela resort centers will benefit from the expanding array of Pryde products including Cabrinha Kitesurfing, Neilpryde Windsurfing, Imagine Surf, JP Australia, and newly introduced NP including Water Wear, performance SUP paddles, and accessories.

Kent Marinkovic described the acquisition as “a connecting of the dots, it’s a natural evolution of our relationship with the Vela Resort operations and our partnership with HR Sports. We have the world’s most innovative and exciting brands for wind and wave sports, Vela is the premier wind and wave sports resort operator.  I can’t think of anything better than having the best gear available in the best locations world-wide.”

HR Sports owner and Vela founder Buck Lyons was also very positive about the changes.  “Neil and I envisioned this day 20 years ago.  I am very proud of creating Vela but it’s been many years since I was instrumental day to day.   Its Kent and Karl’s show and this new structure should allow them to maximize the strengths of their respective organizations.”

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