If you’ve been eager to try kiteboarding in the waves, this guide is full of information specifically for you. The TKB Surf Instructional Guide is now available in the TKB Store.

The TKB Surf Instructional Guide is full of information and tips that will help speed your progression in the waves.

This Kitesurfing Instructional Guide contains links to many helpful instructional videos to help you visualize the topics.

The TKB Surf Instructional Guide includes topics on:

  • Choosing Kitesurfing Gear
  • Before you Start Kitesurfing
  • Ocean Awareness
  • Conditions
  • Surf Etiquette
  • Board Leashes
  • Strapped or Strapless?
  • Getting Out
  • Relaunching in Waves
  • Jibing
  • Basic Wave Riding
  • Riding Backside
  • Linking Turns
  • Tacking
  • Frontside Strapless Air
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