From Manuela Jungo:
My name is Manuela Jungo “MJ” and I am from Switzerland.I am 28 years old and started kiting in 2006 in Cabarete, where I completed an internship as Marketing Assistant for my business school.

Most professional kiteboarders start their career early and they do their education on the side or later on but I did it the other way around. I studied and worked as Brand Manager for a Swiss luxury Watch Company when I have decided to change my daily routine to a peaceful, happy, and active live on the beach.

I started my new life in Brazil, where I worked hard on freestyle moves, went then to Maui to kite in the waves, and explored Panama and Colombia before  making longer stop in Hamata, Egypt, to move on with my  freestyle training and then back to Brazil to Barra Nova, my favorite Spot where this video takes place.

I’ve spent almost one and a half years on the road and this year I will do the PKRA Tour with the support of my sponsors
Liquid Force, Roxy, Traser H3 Watch, HFVESA, and