Mystic’s top of the line semi-cold to cold water wetsuit with 100% flexibility on all panels. Available in 5/4 and 4/3 thicknesses. $387.95 to $407.95,

We received a 2012 Mystic Voltage 5/4 wetsuit just in time for the start of an early spring season here on the Central Coast. The Voltage 5/4 is a high-end cold water back-zip wetsuit from Mystic.

In the past, we haven’t been extremely fond of Mystic’s aggressive graphics, but we find the 2012 Voltage to be very tastefully styled. For a 5/4 full suit, the Voltage feels very thin, light, and flexible. It’s probably the most flexible 5/4 suit we’ve ever experienced.

The Voltage features seams that are sealed inside and out, 100% stretch neoprene, and Teddy Prene lining, a soft fleece-like material.

It also features water drains and removable ankle Velcro closures that help keep water from pooling in your legs while you ride. Mystic explains the technology used in this suit here:

Riding in the Mystic Voltage is a pleasure. It’s a very comfortable and flexible suit. It especially feels comfortable in the arm and shoulder area.

The neck of the suit comes up a little higher than most other suits, so that felt a little odd at first, but was easy to get used to. We tested the 5/4 in 56ΒΊ F water and had no trouble staying warm.

Testing the Mystic Voltage 5/4

Our tester stayed warm, but he was glad to have the 5/4 instead of the 4/3 he initially wanted to test. As we said above, the Voltage 5/4 has to be the lightest and thinnest 5/4 suit we’ve used, but a trade off seems to be that it’s not quite as warm as some other 5/4s we’ve used.

With that said, our tester really enjoyed the Voltage’s great range of motion, especially for a cold-water suit. He also found it easy to put on and take off.

If you are looking for an extremely comfortable suit for cold water, take a look at the Mystic Voltage. If you get cold easily or ride often in water below 60ΒΊ F you should consider getting the 5/4 instead of the 4/3.

You’ll be warmer and the suit is so flexible that you’ll hardly notice the additional thickness.


  • Purchase your wetsuit in a retail shop if at all possible. It’s very important to actually try on a wetsuit before you buy it to make sure you get the correct size.
  • Consider getting a thicker suit. The Mystic Voltage is very flexible and you will not be sorry to have the extra warmth on cold days.