Highlight Hunter (www.highlighthunter.com) is a new free app for Mac and PC that reduces video editing time from hours to minutes.

Noah Spitzer-Williams, CEO of Highlight Hunter, says, “Up until now, video editing was time consuming and tedious because it took so long to find the highlights. Now, Highlight Hunter solves this problem in a super simple way. As you record your adventures, you can bookmark the highlights by covering the camera lens for 1 second when the highlight is over. When you get home, open Highlight Hunter on your Mac or PC, load in your videos, and in a few minutes the app will create a 30 second highlight clip for each bookmarked moment.”

It works with any video camera and it greatly simplifies video editing and sharing for consumers. The Beta version has been out for about a year, and users are thrilled with the results.

Jim Stringfellow, an action sports product developer, says, “As a video editor, I see this software as a game changer for any action sports video enthusiasts. The results will save the editor hours of time, allowing the videographer to capture more, ride more, and spend less time in a chair sifting through hours of footage.”

Capturing video is easy on GoPro and Contour sports cameras, digital camcorders, and Flip cameras, but sifting through hours of video footage for the highlights is a daunting task. Highlight Hunter cuts video editing time down by over 80%, making it easier than ever to share quality highlights on YouTube and Facebook.

In addition to outdoor enthusiasts, Highlight Hunter has been embraced by many others. Exciting and unexpected moments happen all the time — a child’s first steps, soccer games, school plays, the list goes on and on. With Highlight Hunter, sharing highlights is quick and easy, and users will spend more time creating highlights and less time searching for them.

About Highlight Hunter

Based in Seattle, Washington, Highlight Hunter grew out of a passion for extreme sports. The team realized people needed an easier way to quickly create highlight reels, and developed an app to solve the problem.

Highlight Hunter is available for consumers at http://www.highlighthunter.com in free and premium versions on both Mac and PC. Premium owners enjoy highlight clips without watermarks, faster scanning speeds, and free upgrades for a year. The Premium version [MSRP: $29.99] is available for a free 30-day trial. Special licenses for businesses are available.