Weendy, an app where you can send and get real time info and video of your local riding spots from people that are actually there, introduces new versions for iPhone and Android. New user interface and cool features have been added to enhance  user experience, making your sessions “as fun and motivating as they can possibly be.”

New features include:

All video reports are now on  one single page, making it a lot easier to decide on where to ride.

Weendy added an invitation button so you can make your own groups or local communities and invite your friends through your phone’s contact list.

Extended profiles can also be created, by adding your short description/bio and your twitter/facebook accounts, to help you get in touch with other weendy members. This feature is especially very useful for businesses which would like to let other weendy members know more about them.

You can now share your video reports through social networks and let those who don’t have smartphones know about the current conditions and join you.

The Weendy app upgrades are due to feedback from their users so please continue to send  your suggestions through Facebook http://www.facebook.com/weendyapp  Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/weendyapp or email hello@weendy.com)