The last day of the Nissan Kitesurf Pro in Noumea, New Caledonia also signaled the end of a great 2011 PKRA freestyle season.  The Noumea stop was won by Alex Pastor (ESP, Airush) and Asia Litwin (POL, Nobile).   After seven events on five continents all the results are in:  Youri Zoon (NED, Slingshot) and Gisela Pulido (ESP, Airush) are the 2011 world champions.  The wind never came up on the last day to run the best trick competition, but everyone enjoyed the beautiful New Caledonian weather and the closing ceremony.

The Noumea Kitesurf Pro was won by Alex Pastor, Marc Jacobs (NZL, Switch kites) was second and Youri Zoon third.  In the womens division Asia Litwin was in first place, Holly Kennedy (GBR, North) second and Rachel Baglin (AUS, Cabrinha) was third.  The first four days of the event had amazing conditions, with perfectly flat water and winds up to twenty five knots.  This allowed the riders to show how far the ridding has come over the last decade. Some of the best freestyle moves we have seen all year were performed here.  The PKRA refined the live web-cast so that fans can watch their favorite rider live in action.  All the heats can be seen on the live page of the PKRA website.

During the 2011 season the top riders were really pushing the limits of kitesurfing freestyle in the mens and womens division.  Youri Zoon won the overall title, after many years of competition and coming close many times.  Alex Pastor finished second overall, he was happy with his results and is looking forward to next year.  He wants to become world champion after being runner up two years in a row.  Marc Jacobs finished third, this was his first year doing the whole tour and was glad to reach his goal of making the top three.

Every rider brings something to the sport and the competition format forces them to push each other through out the year.  Traveling together all year, they become good friends and always want to out do each other on the water.

The mens division was dominated by Youri Zoon until the last event of the year, when Mario Rodwald (GER, North) and Marc Jacobs made sure he did not win every even of the year.  Here are the final results of the year and why they won.

1. Youri Zoon (NED, Slingshot): Set a new bar for powered Riding.

2. Alex Pastor (ESP, Airush): pushing the execution of the tricks.

3. Marc Jacobs (NZL, Switch kites) : Going big and powerful

4. Alberto Rondina (ITA, Cabrinha):  Consistency and switch execution

5. Tom Hebert (FRA, North):  Style and Variety

6. Sebastien Garat (FRA, RRD):  Complete competitor

7. Mario Rodwald (GER, North):  Technical

8. Reno Romeu (BRA, North): Power

9. Ariel Corniel (DOM, Ozone):  Crazy moves and double handle passes

10. Alex Soto (DOM, F-one):  Technical with a full repertoire

Check out the full rankings here.

The womens field really progressed this year, the top four women increased the power and style in their riding.  They also added new tricks like the loop slim and consistency to every heat.  Here are the final results of the year and how they won.

1. Gisela Pulido (ESP, Airush): Innovation and repertoire

2. Bruna Kajiya (BRA, Flexifoil): Style

3. Karolina Winkoska (POL, Slingshot): speed and commitment

4. Asia Litwin (POL, Nobile): Power

5. Holly Kennedy (GBR, North): Blind Master

Check out the full rankings here.

The Final competition will be for the fans with the Peoples Choice Award.  Watch the heat between Sebastien Garat and Youri Zoon; pick a winner and you are entered to win a Best kite.  See the heat here:

See you next season!!!!