Meet weendy: A New Way to Catch the Wind

How often have you loaded up your gear and set out for a great day on the water, only to find out that the weather forecast was wrong? You end up chasing the wind, driving around to different beaches, only to find out later that your mates found an awesome place to ride. “The forecasts didn’t predict it,” they say, “but there was a steady breeze and we rode for two straight hours!” This has happened to us too many times to count, which is why we built weendy.

Our vision was to build a simple tool that would do a simple thing: help people stop chasing the wind. It took about 4 months to build and now it is available to download on the iPhone and Android for FREE!

With the weendy app, you can send and get real time information about all of the beaches that are in the area from people that are actually there. People can report if the wind is good or if it’s dead and let others know where and when to hit the beach and what they can expect.

Shoot video, punch in your estimation of the wind speed, and hit the share button. It ends the days of depending on a news report that might be bogus from someone in a studio, miles away from the beach. It saves so much time and frustration because you can go straight to where the wind is good without having to waste time riding around trying to catch it.

The weendy app also helps you meet people in your area that like to kite at the same beaches as you do. You can tease your mates back home with all the fun you are having, especially when they have rain and you have bright blue skies and killer waves on a gorgeous beach. You can upload clips with cool moves to share with others, give tips, and teach new ones.

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