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Slingshot 2012

For 2012, Slingshot is continuing the Fuel, RPM, Rally, and Turbine kites and also introducing a replacement for the Key HD, the Z. Slingshot’s board department also has some exciting things happening this year as they are now producing their twin tips locally in the Columbia River Gorge. Also, Slingshot is offering some of their surfboard in two constructions, a strapped and strapless version. Slingshot’s Chris Schey answered our questions about what riders can expect from the 2012 Slingshot Kiteboarding product line.

What are some of the specific improvements over the 2011 line?

All kites in the 2012 Slingshot line, except for the Z kite, will be built with Splitstrut Integrated Strut Design. Refined sizing is another key improvement that allows riders to precisely build quivers to their specific riding conditions and needs. New sizes will be the 9m in both the RPM and Rally and a first ever 6m has been added to the Fuel quiver. Other improvements to the lineup include additional mark cloth and ballistic Aramid reinforcements that increase durability and aerodynamics by reducing flutter and drag. The first thing you’ll notice is how clean and improved the canopies look overall in the sky, especially during high powered maneuvers. This will ensure total stability, performance, and long term longevity.

Photo Lance Koudele

Please describe the target rider for each of the 2012 models.

The Fuel is built on a 5-strut platform, making the kite incredibly rigid and stable in even the toughest conditions. For 2012, the Fuel reintroduces one of our most important design features ever to hit the industry, Splitstrut Technology. The combination of dedication, design, and technology creates a kite with unmatched deliberate power, fearless looping, and unwavering recovery making the Fuel the C-kite expert rider’s weapon of choice.

With its 3-strut “Open-C” canopy and Full Suspension bridle design the RPM delivers limitless performance and unmatched tuning options for all riding styles. The RPM is the one kite that allows for top performance while executing unhooked freestyle, powered wakestyle, snow, and unhooked down the line surf styles. It’s also the first and only non C-kite to take a PKRA World Championship!  Any rider looking for superior stability when unhooked, good line slack for passing the bar, and direct feel should look no further then the RPM!

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