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Ozone 2012

Ozone released their first 2012 kite, the surf-specific REO, in June and is now releasing updated versions of the rest of their kite line. Among the kites returning for 2012 is the race-winning Edge. Ozone is also continuing to produce depowerable foil kites for snowkiting and now offers an Ultralight version of the Frenzy that weighs 30% less and packs up smaller. Steve Barrett from Ozone Kites USA answered our questions about the 2012 Ozone line.

At first glance, the 2012 Ozone kite line looks like a refined version of the 2011 line. Is this the case or are there any large changes that we missed?

Ozone really hit the mark in 2011 with unsurpassed kites like the Ozone Edge used by Johnny Heineken and Adam Koch to dominate numerous course racing events across the globe. The lineup of kites for 2012 will see slight refinements in design. The names and overall rider-specific appeal will remain true and continue to impress all those who put an Ozone kite in the air. The REO was the first 2012 kite released in late June and pioneered a wave-specific addition to the lineup. The response from the REO has been huge and being the first 2012 Ozone kite it has left other companies racing to establish such a contender in their lineup with characteristics so tuned for wave riding.


The REO was a late season 2011 kite. Will it be updated for 2012?

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