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Liquid Force 2012

For 2012 Liquid Force has drastically updated its line of kites, with only the Envy continuing from last year. Liquid Force is also offering an extensive line of twin tips and an updated surfboard line that includes collaboration with Fletcher Chouinard of FCD. Gary Siskar and Julien Fillion answered our questions about the large offering of 2012 products from Liquid Force.

It looks like the 2012 LF line has gone through a big change compared to last year. Why did you retire the Havoc?

When we took a very close look at our kite offerings, we really started to see the lines becoming blurred between the three 2011 kites. We realized we needed to make products that satisfied riders looking for particular performance charicteristics in a kite. What we have now in our 2012 line are three kite models (four if you count the NRG Light Breeze) that are designed around what certain riders want to feel in a kite. The Havoc was our flagship kite for years, but with the popularity of 3-strut kites the Envy became our most popular kite. Also, the design features in the Envy such as the LF Diamond Wingtip and USB 3.0 bridle placements started to make the overall feel of the Envy closer to the Havoc. Based on this we decided to create the NRG to satisfy kiteboarders that are looking for a different feeling, response, and needs from a kite. For the pure freestyle lovers, we came up with the Nirvana, the most radical high performance C-kite shape we have ever made. The Nirvana is the result of the very high demands from new school freestyle riders all over the globe.

Photo Paul Lang

What are some of the specific improvements on the Envy for 2012?

Making improvements on the Envy was a difficult task! We have to say thanks to our team riders, schools, and loyal LF supporters around the world for pushing us to make a better Envy. With this input we have created the most effortless and easy relaunching kite on the market. We were able to increase the raw power and low end feel for the Envy with some very slight modifications that we will keep secret! We have retained the Beyond Delta hybrid profile of the kite that generates smooth consistent power and a direct bar response feel. These changes were made while keeping the Envy as one of the most reliable kites on the market.

Please describe the target rider for each of the 2012 kites.


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