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Airush 2012

With an extensive line of seven kites, eight twin tips, four surfboards, and four specialty boards, Airush has a huge offering of products for 2012. New for this year is the Varial X, a combination of the 2011 Varial and Vapor X kites. Airush’s Marc Schmid answered our questions about what we can expect from the latest Airush products.

What are some of the specific improvements over the 2011 line? What is some of the rider input Airush used in the development of the 2012 kite line?

The designers sat down with our product manager, marketing manager, and team riders to discuss what the current and future Airush rider was looking for in a kite, board, or accessory. With this in mind we simplified the Airush range, increased performance on 2011 products, and touched on every aspect of kiteboarding. Our flagship kite model, the Lithium, had major changes in its flying characteristics. Going from four struts to three gave the kite a lively feeling while keeping the low end and bar feeling that our older Lithium customers loved. The newest kite in our line, the Varial X, was the result of taking two of our kites, the Varial and Vapor X, and morphing them into one solid kite that riders would enjoy. The hardest part was finding the middle ground in which we had three totally different designs that we tested with Varial and Vapor X customers to find a consensus between them. The Varial X gives you the boosting, relaunching, and range of the Varial while delivering the direct and lively C-kite feel of the Vapor X.

The Airush team riders always have a say in the certain ranges that they feel passionate about. Eight-time World Champion Gisela Pulido was very vocal on the Razor C-kite while two-time Vice World Champion Alex Pastor gave input on the Razor and his board, the FS Team. Of course they were looking for more pop, stability, and smoother landings for when they are competing. On the other side of the spectrum, Bas Koole helped us design the Protoy and Protoy Team. Finding the right amount of flex and response was his goal to make the perfect freeride/freestyle board for the masses. Bear Karry rides a lot in California so the Quad was his baby that resulted in a lot of back-and-forth between our board designer, Clinton Filen, and Bear to create something that matched the Cali conditions perfectly.

Photo Ralf Bauchschuster

Can you talk about the V3 Bridle used on most of your kites?

The V3 Bridle system is used on all our kites except the Razor. It was designed to increase the range of the kite but more importantly offers a full flag out system when you engage the quick release. The full flag out system tensions the front two lines and kills power in the kite. The V3 bridle allows for riders to safely recover their kites after engaging the quick release.

The One has been updated for 2012. What are the benefits of a one-strut kite? What does a smaller leading edge (compared to 2011) do for the One?

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