From Ozone Kites:

This is a safety notice for customers of our 2011 Inflatable Kites to check the serial number found on the leading edge as shown in the following PDF: Ozone Kitesurf Safety Notice – Bladder Valve Detaching

It has come to our attention that there is a manufacturing defect on an early batch of Ozone 2011 water-kite leading edge bladders. There have been cases of the valves detaching from the bladder causing instant deflation of the kite.

As a precaution we will be replacing all customers with a new leading edge bladder for all kites with affected serial numbers.

Please go to the website (see below), input your serial number and automatically check if your kite is affected:

If your serial number is affected, please contact the dealer you purchased your 2011 Ozone inflatable kite(s) from to organise your replacement bladder(s).

To contact your countries Ozone distributor / importer use this link on our website:

Ozone is committed to safety hence our decision to announce this safety notice due to a small percentage of defective valves. Ozone wants all customers to be able to enjoy our products and would therefore like to apologise for any inconvenience.

Best regards,

Team Ozone