Pacasmayo, Peru. Thursday, October 20, 2011: Waiting for solid waves to arrive on Saturday, KSP organizers called a second consecutive lay day today at the Pacasmayo Kite Surf Pro — the second stop of the World Championship Kite Surfing Tour.

Piling into a Prom Peru tour bus, competitors set off to just south of the famous surf break Chicama to visit El Brujo Archaeological Complex and get a taste of Peruvian history.

Strapped with cameras and excited to learn about Peru’s treasured heritage, the KSP crew unloaded in front of the Museo Cao, into the arid dusty landscape near the sea. Reminiscent of a scene from the film Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, the area teemed with towering hills of earth, concealing artifacts, structures and sacred culture of the Moche people — a pre-Inca civilization dating back to 200 A.D.

Accompanied by an archaeological guide, the group of kite surfers toured Huaca Cao, an excavated Mochian temple, where just five years ago the mummified body of a female ruler — Señora de Cao — was discovered. The tour then carried on over to Museo Cao to view artifacts and Señora de Cao’s body up close.

While Peru is famous for long left-hand point breaks, today KSP competitors experienced another one of Peru’s many treasures, rich and beautiful history.

Event directors will re-assess conditions tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. and announce the day’s schedule, with a 10 a.m. first possible start.

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The KSP 2011 Pacasmayo Kite Surf Pro is supported by PromPeru, presented by the El Faro Resort and Cementos Pacasmayo, and sponsored by PeruKite, Bodega Gran Cruz, Yoleit and Tecnica Avicola. The KSP World Championship Tour is sponsored by ION essentials and Vitamizzer.


Heat 1: Mauricio Pedreira (BRA), Bastien Bollard (FRA), Juan Antonio Gordillo (PER)
Heat 2: Bruno Bordovsky (BRA), Nuno Figueiredo (POR), Felippe Ferreira (BRA)
Heat 3: Patri McLaughlin (HI), Guilly Brandao (BRA), Bear Karry (USA)
Heat 4: Mitu Monteiro (CBV), Paulo Rios (POR), Sebastian Ribeiro (BRA)
Heat 5: Jesse Richman (HI), Etienne Lhote (FRA), Mark Moore (CAN)
Heat 6: Juan Pablo Diban (CHI), Lee Harvey (GBR), Octavio Chaine (ARG)
Heat 7: Sky Solbach (USA), Jeremie Eloy (FRA), Scott Peterson (USA)
Heat 8: Airton Cozzolino (ITA), Jacobo Said (PER), Libero Cozzolino (ITA)

Heat 1: Ines Correia (POR), Maayka Tadema (NED), Milla Knese (BRA)
Heat 2: Kristin Boese (GER), Erika Lindberg (SWE), Kirsty Jones (GBR)
Heat 3: Melissa Gil (USA), Kelly Strachan (USA), Laurel Eastman (USA)
Heat 4: Marie Gautron (FRA), Adriana Harlan (HI), Celina Guardati (ARG)