From F-One:

During our ongoing product quality monitoring applied to retailed items, we have noted that some Release handle of Bandit 4, in very limited quantity could present a conformity fault.

This is why with safety and foresight in mind we have engaged in a recall procedure covering all the manufactured parts.

We apologize for any eventual nuisance bound to this unexpected event and we hope that this preventive measure will find your full support and understanding.

Concerned Kites:

Identified risk:
While riding, the faulty part is likely to make impossible the dropping of the kite in emergency. This potential risk represents a danger to the rider and bystanders.

Consequently and starting today, if you have a kite concerned by the recall procedure, do not use anymore your kite and order immediately the replacement part to F.ONE.

Exchange procedure:

F.ONE engaged a toll free international recall procedure of the faulty part. We invite you to:

  • Visit the F.ONE Website (
  • Write to F.ONE (CC le solis – Bureau Elytis – Av de la mer – 34970 LATTES)
  • Call at the Monday to Friday 9h/18h

F.ONE thanks you for your collaboration.