Volume 8, Number 4 is the fist issue of the new The Kiteboarder Magazine, the result of months spent rethinking what a kiteboarding magazine should look like. This magazine represents not just a new look for the magazine but also showcases our new direction as a company.

This issue will still be available in print, but we are also making the electronic version of the magazine available before the print magazine begins shipping. The Kiteboarder Magazine Volume 8, Number 4 is available either through the TKB Store (as a PDF file) or you can download the issue directly to your mobile device through the brand new The Kiteboarder App.

The Kiteboarder Magazine Volume 8, Number 4 Features:

  • The Sherman Island Kiteboarding Experience: 10 pages describing Sherman Island, the summer kiteboarding paradise located between San Francisco and Sacramento.

  • Mission to the Maldives: Julian Hosp travels to the Maldive Islands to explore the archipelago’s kiteboarding potential.

  • The Longest Wave: Pacasmayo, Peru: Discover the land of the mythical left point breaks.

  • The Kids are Alright: The story of how kiteboarding is helping communities on the northeast coast of Brazil.

  • A History of the Bridge of the Gods Kiteboarding Festival: Read about the event that has been helping kiteboarders move from amateur to professional riding for more than 10 years.

The Kiteboarder App:

Now available for your iPad and iPhone (Android devices coming soon), The Kiteboarder App gives you the ability to download The Kiteboarder Magazine directly to your mobile device.

About The Kiteboarder:

The Kiteboarder was founded by kiteboarders with an extreme passion for the sport. From the beginning, the magazine focused on the people, places, culture, and lifestyle that make kiters so stoked about kiteboarding. Now that the sport has matured, The Kiteboarder felt the time was right for a pure lifestyle magazine with long-form feature stories consisting of thoughtful in-depth editorial and imagery that set us apart from other magazines in the kiteboarding industry. The all-new The Kiteboarder will target and appeal to intelligent kiteboarders who want a publication that encapsulates the spirit and lifestyle of kiteboarding presented in clean, elegant, and readable layouts rather than a cluttered magazine full of ads and trendy design elements.

Will The Kiteboarder Magazine still be available online for free?
Yes, we will still offer The Kiteboarder Magazine for free online, but the free version will not be posted until the next issue begins mailing as we have done in the past.

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