From Best Kiteboarding:

Ever since the original RV went up in flames in 2007 there have been a constant stream of requests for us to put another RV tour together. “When will the RV be coming back?” “Are you guys going to put the RV on the road full of all the new gear anytime soon?” As you can imagine it’s a huge task that requires a lot of planning, a lot of equipment and places a lot of stress on the driver/s as they zig-zag from coast to coast for months on end. It’s not all kitesurfing you know.

Step forward Carol and Tony Bolstad. Carol and Tony are long time members of the BEST family; they’ve been rocking and riding BEST kites ever since we’ve been making them. This Fall they are packing their lives up in their RV and heading across the US from Stevenson, WA to hit as many top kiting spots across the NE as possible and hook up with as many of our local crews and dealers as they possibly can.

As you can see we sent their RV off to be fitted with a full custom wrap from front bumper to back of the trailer- so there’s no way you can miss them. If you see Carol and Tony out on the road in the new RV take a picture of them and post it up on our Facebook page. Every week we’ll select the best shot of the RV from all those submitted and send out some swag to the winner.

Just like previous RV tours they will be picking up team riders and staff members on their travels. With so many of our staff currently ‘off the island’ following last week’s hurricane they can pick and choose who jumps on board. First up are Lia Feriancek and Ryan Evans who are stuck in the Midwest until the roads onto Hatteras are reinstated.

If you have any questions about the new 2012 gear then Lia and Ryan are the people to ask, they know the new kites and boards, forwards, backwards, upside down. Of course there is one small issue that we have to sort out first… just how the hell are we going to get the 2012 demo gear from the Hatteras offices, off the island and onto the RV? Don’t worry we have a cunning plan to smuggle the 2012 demo gear off the island and we’ve enlisted the help of our good friend ‘the angry fisherman.’

The RV with Carol and Tony onboard will make its way up to Canada to visit dealers to attend one of the most anticipated events of the summer, the Sauble Beach Kite Jam.

Just a few days before the Sauble Beach Event, BEST is teaming up with Ronix, exclusive sponsor of our Global Team, at The Ranch, and Boardsports for a Kite Cable Crossover day! If you want to put yourself to the test, check out the latest 2012 gear from Ronix along with the ne Profanity wakestyle board and the GP kite then head on over.

As soon as the RV gets under way we’ll be tracking their daily movements via GPS and posting their current location and next destination up on our Google Map. Here are the dates we already confirmed. Keep checking back as we will add more dates.

  • September 12th – Great Lakes Kiteboarding
  • Sept 13th – Kite/Cable Crossover day w/ Ronix , New Market, Ontario
  • Sept. 15-18 – Sauble Beach KiteJam , Sauble Beach, Ontario
  • Sept 19th – Boardsports , Toronto, Canada
  • Sept 23rd – 25th King of the Great Lakes, Michigan
  • Sept 26th – Surfside – Ottawa
  • September 27th – 28th – Quebec
  • September 29th – 30th – Massachusetts/Nantucket/Martha’s Vineyard
  • October 1st – 2nd – NY Kite Center , Amittyville, NY
  • October 3rd – Green Hat Kiteboarding , New Jersey
  • October 4th – Dewey Beach, Delaware