From Best Kiteboarding:

The GP C-kite from Best will take you back to the future, back to when all that mattered was raw performance and nailing every new trick you tried. The GP is team rider designed, tuned, and tested and delivers an unbeatable combination of pop, responsive steering, and amazing unhooked feel.

The Patented Reflex leading edge design, unique to the GP, works just like suspension for your kite; giving the best unhooked feel you’ve ever ridden,especially in the turns, and helps to soak up every gust. The Reflex LE also gives the GP an extended canopy lift area giving you more lift for jumping and effortless drive for staying upwind in the competition zone.

Designed for new school and wakestyle riders the GP’s Twin-Tune feature gives you multiple front and rear attachment point options so you can dial in more pop, better upwind ability, and more responsive handling for competition heats or detune your GP for practicing your latest tricks. With Twin-Tune you can effortlessly switch between newschool and wakestyle settings in seconds, allowing you to reinvent your style at a moment’s notice.

The GP is a true C-kite with no bridle, pulleys or sliders. It is designed to work best with the 5-line GP-Bar for maximum control, easy safety and the fastest possible relaunch. The GP-Bar comes with an 8mm spliced center line, Sacrifice Insert System for zero depower line wear and a new Pro-cuff QR to eliminate false releases when competing. Add all of these innovations and features together and you have a C-kite package that is destined to be the future of freestyle competition.

GP: Back to the future

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