Amphibian USA 
Spex Amphibian Eyewear
Polarized anti-fog lenses, and they float. $59.95,

Reviewed by Gary Martin, TKB Technical Editor

Spex Amphibian Eyeware are designed for all types of water sports, land sports, and air sports. I only used them for kiteboarding. Spex are reasonably priced and the frames are available six colors. The lenses are available in three different tints and some additional accessories are available for different sports. They have excellent peripheral vision and are also available in a prescription version, perfect for contact lens wearers.

My first impression after opening the box was that they looked kind of goofy as they look like a combination of sunglasses and goggles. Once I adjusted the headband to fit my extra large head I was blown away with the colors of the water. The Spex I tested came with polarized gray (smoke) lenses. The frame fit my face nicely and was very comfortable, but they might be too big for smaller faces and children.

The first thing I noticed was that it looked much windier than it was. I was able to kite directly into the late afternoon sun pounding upwind over swell and white caps with excellent visibility. I experienced absolutely no fogging!

Spex uses a “suspended lenses” system, which allows air to circulate totally around the lenses. These lenses are some of the best I have ever used. I dove underwater and when I came up there was no fog and they drained immediately. Riding directly into the late evening sun was no problem at all and you can see deep into the water. I would highly recommend trying a pair!