By Joe Ruscito

The plan is to start in San Francisco and bike across the US ending in Fairfield, CT where both of us are from. Lucas is a fellow kiter and he actually hatched this plan about a month ago on a whim.

I dove straight in with very limited bike experience and gained some support from a local bike shop (Bay Area Bikes) and we decided to try and raise money for a charity from Connecticut (Simply Smiles Inc). And now its for real.

Joe Ruscito is taking a few months off kiteboarding to bicycle across the country. Photo Paul Lang

We will be setting off on August 7th and it should take us somewhere just under two months. Bay Area Bikes and his team has done a great job of gearing us up and training us, they will be hosting a send off party August 7th at 9-10 am with free breakfast provided by Farley’s, a local coffee shop.

Then we will be joined by a group of local bikers to ride along with us for the first leg of the trip. Our main route will consist mostly of Route 50 and we will be totally unsupported for the entire trip. This should be fun!

If you’re in The Bay Area August 7th, come see us off. We will have a daily blog at and you can follow us on Twitter @USBikeTrip.

Also check out Bay Area Bikes at, the two owners are awesome and super helpful. To donate to Simply Smiles visit our donation page at