When SoloSports started their South Swell Alert program, most of their subscribers wanted the RHINO SIZE MACKERS, so they created a program to send an alert when it was BIG.  Over time they’ve received a lot of feedback from guests that although size is important, sustained swell in the fun zone bracket was also right up there.  So they’ve retooled their South Swell Alert program to advise not only Rhino Chasers but also those that  crave what Solo Sports is most famous for -FUN STUFF.

Solo Sports is expecting a series of FUN south swells to hit between the 9th – 16th of July.  These were generated in the classic New Zealand zone & should pump a stack of head high plus right into their swell window.  For those scientists & weathermen in the bunch, that’s 205-215+ degrees.

Space is limited   949.289.7779 or email baja@solosports.net

Go get it!