By Dan Corbett

The Southern California Kiteboarding Association is partnering with the Long Beach Sea Festival to present the Capture the Wind Festival from July 22 to 24. The city has agreed to allow the Association to create a separate beach zone for this event where kiters will compete in the first official jumping contest held in Southern California. Organizers have also partnered with the local lifeguards to set up the first kite race in Long Beach as well as a SUP races. Registration is just $10 with the winners taking the pot! The event will also host many brands that will be on hand to demo their latest 2011 gear.

Photo Courtesy SCKA

On Friday the Long Beach Airport and Long Beach Parks and Recreation department will help host an event where 1000 inner city kids will be given single string kites to fly, play games, and enjoy the beach.  Some of the older kids will be able to fly trainer kites so they get a feel for the power of the wind and a taste of what kiteboarding is all about. On Saturday and Sunday, they will have a food and beer garden available to make sure no one goes hungry or thirsty.

The SCKA invites all to come out and enjoy the three-day event and to help show the city of Long Beach what the kiteboarding community is all about. This event is all about giving back to the community and providing riders the chance to try out new gear during the windiest time of the year in Southern California. Admission is free to all. If you would like to participate in any of the events, please go to or for more information.