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This year’s Athletes for Cancer Tenacity Games was an inspiring, powerful 3-day event that covered Standup Paddleboarding, Kayaking, and Kiteboarding.

Saturday featured the Kite Derby Endurance Race, which consisted of a 4-buoy course upwind and downwind. The race was 6-hours long and money was raised with every lap completed.

Both teams and individuals competed, completing a combined 1,353 laps. A majority of participants came in for breaks throughout the 6-hour time frame, but a determined group of individuals rallied through and stayed on the water for all 6 hours and were elected into a new club that was established this year called The 6-Hour Club.



  1. Grom (37 laps)
  2. Nick Ward (35 laps)
  3. Cory Roesler, Tony Bolstad, Nick Stuart (31 laps)


  1. Carol Bolstad, Jaz DeLille (28 laps)
  2. Rachel Callehan (27 laps)
  3. Jadie DeLille (24 laps)


  1. Team Cabrinha #1, Team Cabrihna #2 (31 laps)
  2. Urban Flora/2nd Wind, Team CHAP (30 laps)
  3. Blade Kites USA, Hood River Rats (27 laps)


Sunday featured a 3-part race called Relay-on-the-Green, which was a very fun, action-packed, crowd-pleasing addition to this year’s event and will most likely stick around in future years. The rules/details of this race were as follows:

  • Each team needed to be comprised of 4 individuals (1 had to be female).
  • The whole team had to share the same equipment for each part: the same kite for all 3 parts, the same twintip for the first part, and the same surfboard for the second part.
  • The hand-off of the kite and board would happen in waist-deep water.
  • For the first part of the 3-part series, the kite had to start in the bag and the lines had to be wrapped up. Thereafter, for the fresh start of the 2nd and 3rd races, the kite could remain inflated, but the lines had to be detached and wrapped up.
  • The 1st race required each team member, one-by-one, to round the red channel buoy once with their kite and a twintip. Once all four members of a team had completed a lap, the whole team had to run through the finish line together.
  • The 2nd race was the same format, but with a surfboard.
  • The 3rd race required each team member to bodydrag around a white buoy and finish by running through the finish line as a team.
  • If you finished a race in first place, you received one point; if you finished a race in second place, you received two points, etc.
  • The points for each round were tallied and the team with the lowest score won.


  1. Cabrinha Crushers
  2. Real Wind Ninjas
  3. Team Slingshot

The total funds raised in this weekend’s event have not been officially tallied yet, but funds raised by athletes alone were over $40,000. The proceeds will go to Athletes for Cancer’s Survivorship Camps, as well as regional cancer awareness, prevention, and survivorship organizations.

This event gives you a sense of how strong this little town’s community really is. What Tonia and her army of dedicated volunteers made happen this weekend is truly amazing, and everyone is already looking forward to next year’s event.