Help Maui Kiteboarding Legend Jim Bones | By Nicole Rosen

Duke Kahanamoku once said: “Out of water, I am nothing”.

Living on Maui – surrounded by the life-giving and ever-changing warm waters of the Pacific Ocean – we tend to rely on the beautiful crashing of the waves we see every day, the sounds of tiny rocks being gently pushed and pulled along the shore, the smell of salt and sea that lets you know I am home. For so many people, the ocean is where we belong, it is always generous, it is always there, and it is always alive.

For Jim Bones, it has been even more than that. The ocean is his playground, his home, his way of life. Born in Huntington Beach, California and playing in the surf of San Clemente, his life began in the ocean; with land being a last resort. Moving to Hawaii, surf became even more of his core existence, leading to having his own windsurfing school and having the honor of becoming a Naish team rider . In 1996 he began kite boarding, and has kited an estimated average of 250-300 days per year; totaling more than 4,000 days of his life, the most kite sessions ever! In and kiting above the ocean has been his daily routine, however, a tragic roadblock has recently come his way; cancer.

A short while ago, he was diagnosed with lymphoma stage 4 and the doctors believe it has slowly been consuming him for at least two years. It has been a whirlwind of doctor appointments, hospital visits, blood transfusions, bad news, worse news, and even an expensive yet life-saving trip to Texas for medical help. Cancer is keeping his feet on land, far from the ocean and the invigorating air above it.

Unfortunately, we all know how cancer has the power to do much more than that and this cancer is trying its hardest. Please help Jim Bones fight this cancer and get him back to his home- the ocean.

Jim Bones has been a prominent member of the Maui community for 30 years. He is high spirited, fun-loving, generous, kind, friendly, helpful, and always puts others first. Cancer and astronomical medical bills are doing their best to keep him down- please make a donation at— $5, $50, $500, any donation would help!

Time is of the essence, please reach deep and help now. There will also be opportunities to donate at various places around Maui, t-shirts to purchase, hopefully a flatbread benefit, and more.

Visit to help.