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Product Name: Renegade Infinity
Shape: SLE/C-Shape
Riding Style: All-Around
Conditions: Light wind machine for Freestyle, Waves, Wakestyle
Stand Out Feature: Will get you in the water in 7 to 9 knots
Size: Top Secret

New for 2011, Epic is introducing the Renegade Infinity, its first light wind specific kite. The Infinity is in the same family as the rest of the Renegades, but it was designed a little differently and larger to take advantage of light wind options. Owner and co-designer Dimitri Maramenides decided not to assign this kite a size, but says it turns like a 12m kite but has the power of an 18m.

Why did you decide to release this kite as the Renegade Infinity instead of just adding a larger size to the Renegade line?

We’re very excited about the Renegade Infinity, and the test kites have already received some impressive feedback. We made a decision not to distinguish this kite with a size written on it as large kites may intimidate some riders. If you want to ride in 8-10 knots, this is the kite to make that happen while having a fun time on the water. Current kite meter sizes are relative and with so many advancements over the last few years, what does a 12m kite really mean anyway? Smaller kites are becoming as powerful as 12m kites, so the numbers are starting to have less relevance. The Infinity is our light wind solution in the Renegade family of kites. Give one a try and pick a number that feels right for you!

Is the profile or construction of the kite different from the other 2011 Renegades to accommodate for light wind riding?

We don’t want to give away all of our secrets, but the Infinity is not just a larger Renegade. We designed it specifically for light winds, but it has the same Renegade feel that riders have fallen in love with. The trick here was to create a light wind kite that had the flying characteristics of smaller kites. Most light wind kites are very slow and that can be frustrating. We’ve put some pep in the Infinity. This requires a slightly different shape, profile, and bridle layout. We take great care in the construction details of our kites and stand behind every product we sell 100%. Great products and unbeatable customer service is what we strive for daily.

Realistically, will riders be mowing the lawn with this kite for a water fix or will they be able to get a little more freestyle action?

When we set out to create this kite, we wanted to develop something that would be different from the current sluggish light wind kites. Riders, when using the proper board, will enjoy freestyle riding in under 10 knots. We’ve proven that through our testing. When the wind picks up, change boards or adjust the kite a little and enjoy the view! We didn’t begin this project as a solution to mow the lawn. That’s what the kid next door is for! We want to go kiting.

Why would you recommend a rider get the Renegade Infinity versus the 14m Screamer?

They are very different kites. The 14m Screamer is a high performance freeride machine with unreal hang time, great vertical lift, and very grunty low end but requires a little more attention when flying. The Renegade is a kite that is very user friendly, easy to adapt to, and backs up very well for wave or wakestyle riding. It’s performance driven yet forgiving. The Infinity builds on that feel. It has a consistent pull and powerful low end to get you on plane, but it’s very predictable and super fun.

How do you think your kite differs from other light wind specific kites currently on the market?

Easy: We make light wind riding fun! Really, in conjunction with Momi, our kite design guru, the Renegade Infinity performs like a kite developed for medium winds, yet has the capacity to enjoy riding in winds just under the 10 knot range. We worked very hard to ensure that the Infinity had a snappier feel than other light wind kites.

Does the new kite offer any tuning options?

It sure does. All of the Epic kites have tuning options. Quick adjustments at the bar and kite while rigging can enhance the kites performance for different wind conditions. We’ve taken this kite from 7 knots all the way to 20. Not that we’d suggest using this kite in 20 knots, but it is possible.

Photo Helen Trotman

Do you have any tips for riders to get the most out of this kite in light winds?

We developed the Oxygen board to compliment this kite and get the most out of light winds. With the right board and tuning options of this kite, you’ll look at light wind in a different way and have a much longer riding season.

Is the control bar the same as the one that comes with the Screamer and regular Renegade kites?

The Renegade Infinity uses the same Xtend bar as our entire kite line. The bar length can be adjusted in moments at the beach.

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