Nemesis HP V3


AVAILABLE SIZES: 8, 10, 12, 14m

TESTED IN: Central California, 18-24 knots, small waves


The wait is finally over: the Nemesis HP is back with all the unique design features and performance attributes that helped create its legendary reputation for performance and its incredibly loyal customer following. The HP V3 design improves upon all previous incarnations. Advancements in canopy shaping and a revised bridle design have allowed us to enhance stability and unhooked performance while removing all canopy battens. New material choices and aerodynamic refinements mean that when you pull the trigger, the HP v3 will rip you off the water with explosive vertical lift and keep you airborne with a hang time sensation that is simply unique. It’s the most advanced HP we’ve made to date and it defies easy categorization.


Out of the Box: The Nemesis HP is back in Best’s kite line after a year-long hiatus and it shares the same unique Best-exclusive Cuben Fiber leading edge with the previous Nemesis. About half of the leading edge is made of the strong material and the leading edge of the Nemesis is very skinny compared to other kites. This is a five-strut one-pump kite with a front and rear bridle. The front section of the bridle features two pulleys per side and the rear bridle has one metal slider per side and is adjustable to change the kite’s turning speed and bar pressure.

The Nemesis HP uses the same Redline Performance bar as the rest of the Best kites. It features an above-bar depower strap, multiple leash options, adjustable stopper, forged center piece, and a push away quick release with a built in swivel. We would like to see kook-proof connections on the lines to prevent the possibility of rigging the lines backwards, especially for beginners. Our test kite came with a 50cm bar and 20m lines.

On the Water: Compared to the previous Nemesis HP, the V3 version is definitely more stable in the air. It’s still an extremely forward-flying kite, but it doesn’t move around as much in the gusts as the previous version. Because the kite flies so far forward, getting upwind is almost effortless. Bar pressure is really light and there is very little feedback through the bar. Turning speed is average and the Nemesis’s power drops off somewhat during sharp turns. Jumping is where this kite shines, especially when you are really powered up. Powered jumps feel like an elevator ride and the hang time is impressive. While the Nemesis isn’t as easy to relaunch as the Best Kahoona, we had no trouble getting the kite back in the air, but it is important that the small leading edge has a lot of pressure in it to make relaunching easier.


  • The Nemesis HP delivers outstanding jumping performance, especially when ridden really powered up.
  • Upwind performance is almost effortless.


  • Bar pressure might be too light for some riders’ liking.
  • The Nemesis HP flies really far upwind, which makes it not ideal for down-the-line wave riding.


If you like to ride fast with a lot of power and throw big jumps, take a look at the Nemesis HP V3. Upwind performance is fantastic and the V3 is a lot more stable than the previous Nemesis HP. The light bar pressure will suit some riders, but might be too light for others as it’s not super easy to feel where this kite is in the sky. If you are a wave rider, you should consider the Best Kahoona or Taboo. If you like big air, that’s what this kite is made for and it does it really well.


  • Ride the Nemesis HP really powered up. This is when this kite comes alive.
  • Unless really powered, attach the back lines to the knots closer to the kite.


“I liked the Nemesis and feel this is an excellent kite when powered up. The jumps feel really nice and it doesn’t feel quite as finicky as previous versions and can more easily cope with gusty wind conditions.” –Kurt Miller, 165 lbs., Surf Kiter


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