Photo: Marko Bartscherer


Thanks to everyone who made it out to the 9th Annual Pismo Beach KiteXpo this year and supported the fundraising effort for Kinsley and his family!  Below are the numbers and prizes for unclaimed raffle prizes. Please email if you won anything along with an image of your winning ticket and we coordinate how we can get you your winnings. As a reminder, we will not be shipping anything but will try to coordinate with people going north or south to deliver if you are outside of SLO County.

Number Prize
142400 WH trainer kite from Kite Naked and BWS dvd
142514 WH shirt and Dirty South dvd
142775 wind sock from cloud 9 and bws dvd
143089 Paddlesurf HI paddle
143483 Radog 2-pak wine
143519 dakine wallet and WH shirt
569252 hyperflex sweatshirt
569302 Radog 2-pak wine
569847 Monavie Gift Certificate $70
570249 slingshot hat and DK shirt
570732 WH shirt and Dirty South dvd
673316 Radog 2-pak wine
684011 DK hat and WH shirt
684199 Radog 2-pak wine
684271 WH shirt and Dirty South dvd
685175 Gath Helmet courtesy of Murray’s
735372 hyperflex hat and epic shirt
959120 Flexifoil Anarchistboard
9154922 hyperflex hat and t-shirt
sonny swords epic hat and t-shirt
t parsons Pismo gift pak from Pismo CVB
143196 Kaenon sunglasses
143605 North Harness
143476 WH shirt and Dirty South dvd
143676 Slingshot shirt and hat
569250 DK wallet and shirt
569987 Elemental Herbs Gift Bag/WH Trainer from Kite Naked
570861 Epic shirt and hat
673108 WH Joke board courtesy of KITE NAKED
673920 best shirt and bws dvd
684645 t-shirt and BWS dvd
685206 Radog 2-pak wine
735467 Elemental Herbs Gift Bag
735728 DK Footstraps and pads
735803 Cloud 9 t-shirt and bws dvd
736162 t-shirt and BWS dvd
Ryan & Rick Radog 2-pak wine
Richard 683981 WH T-shirt
735475 DK footstraps
Tim Ball 735485 Kiter’s Ale Beer
935019 BWS dvd and tshirt
935481 WH T-shirt
Mike 959145 WH T-shirt and DK wallet