Today Flexifoil announced an updated version of their Proton kite:

The PROTON offers the easy re-launch, predictable flight, stability and quick turns that the rider needs tomaster the waves, or simply cruise across the flats with confidence… oh and did we mention it now looks betterthan ever?Flexifoil has refined an already successful kite to an even greater level. This year you’ll see overall weightreductions and trailing edge modifications creating a smoother, more predictable flight, whilst bridle andwing-tip alterations increase relaunch-ability and turn speed. We’ve focused on the rider. Handing them a kitethat they can have confidence in. Allowing them to master the board skills they need to take on the ocean’sbiggest waves, or simply tack those first few runs after school.Read on for the finer details of the Flexifoil Proton and discover why it deserves a place in every quiver…

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