Wainman HI Blunt

TESTED: 130 and 137W cm
AVAILABLE SIZES: 125, 130, 135, 137W
TESTED IN: La Ventana, 16-18 knots and large chop


The Blunts are for the people. These thin-rail boards are made for all-terrain ripping. While some might say that compromising sucks, every intermediate free rider, for whom versatile twin tip boards are made, definitely would not agree. To come back from every session stoked, a board needs to handle any condition that the rider may encounter and adjust to any mood the rider is in. At the end of the day, it really is all about the ride. It does not matter what the conditions are when you show up with a Blunt, because this board handles it all. A Blunt always makes a fun, comfortable, and effortless ride.


Out of the Box: We continue to be impressed with the attention to detail on products from Wainman HI. Boards come with all hardware, a board bag, and even a screwdriver to put everything together. We tested both the 130 and 137W Blunts and they are very lightweight and nicely finished. Wainman HI claims the construction has been beefed up compared with last year’s boards. The straps and pads are easy to install and are very comfortable, and the straps feature a new Velcro system for easier adjustability. This is a very thin twin tip with a very deep single concave.

On the Water: Riding the Blunt through the large chop of La Ventana, the first thing every tester noticed was how smooth this board rides. Even when ridden fast and overpowered, the Blunt feels like it has a cushion of air under it and never seemed to send spray up into the rider’s face. We found that the Blunt goes upwind really well and is easy to pop off the water for sent jumps. This is a very forgiving board that feels very quick and nimble on the water. We tested both the 130 and 137W and found that while they ride very similar to each other, the 137W is definitely a lot looser through turns compared to the 130.


Everybody who tried this board loved it. The Blunt feels very lively under your feet and is one of the smoothest-riding twin tips we’ve ever ridden. It is very predictable and easy to control and works great for all-around freeriding. Compared to last year’s model which also received excellent reviews from testers, riders couldn’t feel much of a difference. We believe the biggest changes for 2011 Blunts are beefed up construction, new graphics, a few new sizes, and redesigned foot straps. If you are looking for a board better suited for load and pop wakestyle riding, take a close look at the Wainman HI Joke.


  • It’s important to choose the correct size Blunt for your weight as each size is built with certain sized riders in mind.
  • If riding the 137W, keep a lot of pressure on your back foot during turns to keep the tail from sliding.


“The Blunt is totally forgiving. If I felt like I was going to land hard, the board just does its thing and softens my landing.” –Ginette Buffone, 130 lbs., Freestyle Kiter

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