From Harry Parker:

First ever! Held in Sebastian, Florida, and it was a huge success.

Over 45 kiteboarders & competitors sailed through the Flying Under Canopies & Kites event.  Lyle Partnered with Neil Hutchinson from SlingShot Kites bringing in some hot shot kiteboarders who have recently taken up the sport of skydiving.  And the event attracted some of the best in both sports.

Kiteboarders did tandems introducing them into the sport and two actually went through AFF during the weekend.  Due to low wind conditions, competitors were not able to run through all the kite comps, but were able to throw a downwind best trick event that was won by the famous & sponsored kiteboarder Joe Rusito.  Make sure to check out his site.

Eric Presse won most stoked new kiteboarder and Sebastien Siegenthaler won for the most stoked new skydiver.  The most accurate kiteboarder over 3 rounds was Evan Bell, with Liz Settle coming in 2nd and Jesse Coors running up in 3rd place. Kiters used Sebastian’s incredible facilities to stage a party, video slide show and camping.

On the skydiving scene active skydivers/kiteboarders completed an 8-way round and the plan is to go for 30 next year assuming the interest from kiteboarders keeps at the same pace.  An eight way round may not sound like much but most of the new kiteboarders turned skydivers barely have 100 jumps and you know were there attention has been, freefly.  The trick is to get the skydivers kiting and the kiters to skydive.  Everyone in the round has ability in both disciplines.

Now that Lyle has opened Kiteboard and has instructors on call, local skydivers and the general public are already entering both markets.  Make sure to drop by Sebastian, visit the shop and check out the training area.  Nothing but fun to be had here.

Do hope you enjoy the slide show & pics!

To see all of the pics, check them out in the SkyKite Gallery.


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