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F-One Trax

TESTED: 134×39 cm
AVAILABLE SIZES: 132×38, 134×39, 136×40, 138×41, 140×45
TESTED IN: Pismo Beach and San Francisco, 15-21 knots, choppy water and waves


The F-ONE TRAX is the flagship and best selling board of our twin-tip range. Whatever the conditions, the TRAX delivers performance and control at the highest level. For its sixth edition, we have worked on the carving ability and gave the board a new double-concave bottom. The TRAX 6 is truly a high-technology board with a huge range of use from pure freeride to the most hardcore, low-kite freestyle riding. The TRAX successfully blends high performance, acceleration for early planning, speed, control, pop, and carving ability.


Out of the Box: This is an all-around freestyle board which features a fairly narrow outline, double concave bottom, rounded tips that taper in slightly, and a more exaggerated rocker than a typical pure freestyle twin tip. The graphics are more refined this year with a simple and classy look. The new Unibox fin system, a feature on all 2011 F-One twin tips, allows for fins that are much thinner than usual as the screws end above the actual fin. The Trax has a good amount of flex and is a very light board.

On the Water: Once up and riding, the F-One Trax is a fast board that feels light and responsive underfoot. As you edge harder, the Trax feels like it locks in and never gave us any signs that the edge was about to slip or chatter. This board offers a very smooth ride, especially in choppy water and shoots upwind as long as the rider is well-powered. The Trax releases from the water very nicely and is a great performance board for powered up big air riding.


The 2011 F-One Trax is a great all-around board that is easy to feel immediately comfortable on. It planes quickly due to its double concave bottom and goes upwind easily once powered.  It especially suits riders who want a light and responsive board for fast riding and big air freestyle jumps and also like super carving ability. This board tracks extremely well and the edge never slipped or chattered under load. The narrow width seemed to make the Trax not ideal for underpowered or light wind conditions, but it’s a pleasure to ride powered up. You might want to look at the F-One Acid if you like a board with more width.


  • The Trax is a relatively narrow board, so consider riding one size larger than you would otherwise.
  • Ride powered up if you want to get the best performance out of the Trax.


“If you want to maximize pop, ride powered up. The supreme control allows the rider to dig in the edge while handling more power.” – Alex Smith, 170 lbs., All-Around Kiter

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