The wind was light again today in La Ventana, but the crowd of kiteboarders here continues to grow in anticipation for the La Ventana Classic and Kite Expo, which gets underway tomorrow. The event will begin with Neil Hutchinson and the legendary Baja Joe skydiving into the event from 10,000 feet above La Ventana. Bets have been placed on where they will land. Be on the beach before 11 am to see where they end up.

Today, Sean Farley Gomez, team rider for North Kiteboarding, visited a local primary and secondary school to talk to the kids about kiteboarding, the La Ventana Classic, and showed them the difference between directional and twin tip boards. On Friday, Sean will be giving rides to the top students from each class using a special double harness he has been developing.

Tonight, the registration/kick off party was held at Palapas Ventana, and the place was filled to capacity. Neil Hutchinson got us off to a great start, the rules and schedule were covered, and kiteboarders from all of the world came together for a few drinks. The vibe tonight was fantastic, as this event truly is something special in the sport of kiteboarding. Check out for the most up to date info or check back here for daily updates.