Here they are, go big or don’t even bother showing up.

La Ventana Classic & KiteXpo Old Skool Comp Format and Rules


  1. The Men’s open and Women’s Divisions will have a limit of 36 contestants each. Organizers may combine heats but judge separately, based on number of registrants. Format to be determined day of contest.


1.     As of Tuesday, 1/18, forecast look like we will run big air heats on Friday after the crossing, followed by finals on Saturday. We will call a Skipper’s meeting approx 10-20 minutes after the first kiter crosses the finish line to see if we have enough competitors in to start first heats. Listen for announcements please as we need to take advantage of all wind and keep things moving for the spectators.

2.     If forecast holds, Saturday, 1/23, there will be a mandatory skipper’s meeting at 11:45 am pm under the main registration tent. Come to skipper’s meeting Wednesday evening as we will base order of competitions on forecast, with the crossing take priority. DATE OF COMPETITION COULD BE ANY DAY BETWEEN JAN 21 THROUGH 23.


1.     Seeding, number of heats, and determination of if men and women will run in separate heats will occur at the riders meeting on the contest day. Format will be determined based on final number of entrants in both men’s and women’s divisions and the wind/weather conditions.

a.     Format may vary from traditional heats of four narrowing down to a semi-finals and finals heat, to an old skool expression session of 6 to 10 riders per heat. Format will be determined day of event based on final number of entrants and wind/weather conditions.

b.    The length of the heats will be determined on the day of the event. If traditional format, heats are normally 10 to 15 minutes. If expression session, 15 to 25 minutes.

c.     Organizers will start competition when 15 to 18 mph minimum has been established. Organizers may cancel heat or rerun heats if wind falls below minimum standards.

d.    Competition will be called for the day if sustainable wind is not reached by 4p to 4:30p.


1.     Riders will be scored by a panel of judged based upon their overall impression of individual tricks performed during heats:

a.     60% Big Air

b.    30% Old Skool

c.     10% Overall Impression/Style

2.     A general riding zone will be marked with buoys. Please be aware that directly downwind of the comp area the demo portion of the event will be happening. Also, we expect many locals and visitors from La Paz over the weekend WHO KNOW NOTHING ABOUT KITEBOARDING SAFETY so keep safety in mind when doing tricks close to shoreline.

3.     Launching & Landing – Procedures will be reviewed at the rider’s meeting and are subject to change due to conditions. Rider’s generally must launch upwind and stay out of demo area at all times. Rider’s must store, launch and land their kites upwind of the downwind pole of the main registration tent e.g. upwind of the demo zone. Rider’s need to move their kites immediately after landing them.

4.     Any rider losing their kite during the heat will be scored based upon the part of the heat they completed.

5.     Any rider knocking another rider out of a heat will be disqualified from the heat. This could occur by losing a kite and having it take out another rider or crashing into another rider.

Format is subject to change on contest day at discretion of organizers based on number of entrants and

wind/weather conditions. Any changes will be disclosed at the Skipper’s Meeting on day of competition.


§ 1st Place Men’s Overall = $300 USD

§ 1st Place Women’s Overall = $200 USD

§ Other great prizes for 2nd and 3rd place Men and Women