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Epic Screamer 10 LTD

Product Name: Screamer 10 LTD
Product Category: Hybrid
Style: Advanced, performance, big air
Sizes Available: 10m only
Release Date: Available Now

2011 Epic Screamer LTD

Epic introduced the Screamer 10 LTD in 2010, which was positioned as an ultra-performance and super powerful kite. We spoke with Epic Kiteboarding owner Dimitri Maramenides and his kite designer Momi to find out what riders can expect from the 2011 LTD version and what makes the 10 meter so different from the rest of the kites in the Screamer line.

Why is the 10m Screamer LTD not in the regular Screamer line up?
We used the same plan but the profile on the 10m is totally different than the other Screamers. Actually, we use the Screamer 10 LTD as our test pilot for our next generation of kites. So the 2011 Screamer 10 LTD is actually a preview of what could come in 2012.

You promote this kite as being as powerful as any 12 meter kite on the market. Why would you recommend a rider get the 10 meter LTD versus the 12 meter Screamer?
If your weight is between 145 to 180 lbs. and you are looking for a one kite quiver, then the Screamer 10 LTD is perfect for you. It’s as powerful as any other 12m kite on the market – in 15 knots you will be able to have a blast on the Screamer 10 LTD. Now you are probably wondering why not get the 12m Screamer instead. Well, the answer is very easy. The 12 is very powerful and feels like a 14 meter kite but moves like an 11.5 meter kite. So in 25 knots you will be way overpowered. The 12 Screamer is very good from 13 to 25 knots but then after that it is too much. The Screamer 10 LTD is very good from 15 to 30 knots, but the fun will start at18 knots and get better the higher the wind gets. If you are over 200 lbs., then the 12m will be the kite to get as a one kite quiver from 17 to 32 knots, or go with the Screamer 10 and 14.

Some changes were made to the canopy profile and struts. Please explain what changed and why the changes were made.
We made a few changes on the canopy to make it even better than the 2010. We also made the tips of the struts more cone-shaped in order to increase the stability of the trailing edge and give a more direct feeling from the kite. Just give it a try and you will see what we are talking about.

What level of rider and style of riding is best suited for the Screamer LTD?
It is more for an advanced rider that is into big air, freestyle, and powered moves. By changing the knots on the corners of the wing tips on the leading edge, it will bring the kite more towards the window or lower and will increase/decrease bar pressure. The Screamer LTD is also excellent for racing because it shoots way upwind.

Photo Helen Trotman

For 2010 Screamer LTD fans, what will be the most noticeable changes on the 2011 LTD?
The 2011 version has more reinforcements than 2010. Also, the power is more direct so you feel one with the kite, especially when you unhook. Riders that have tried the 2011 10m Screamer have told us that it has more hang time. The wind range is unchanged.

How about turning, relaunch, and unhooked ability?
If you thought the relaunch on the 2010 was easy, then 2011 is even better! Unhooked performance is also something we really worked on – the kite just feels perfectly trimmed and ready for your input. The speed/turning is the same as last year.

Were any changes made to the bar?
The bar is now white and the center hole in the bar is more oval to minimize the wear and tear on your lines. Also, the depower on the kill switch was increased 20 cm so now when you release the chicken loop, the kite will depower 85% instead of 75% like the 2010 model.

What is your warranty policy on the kites?
If something happens to the kite, riders just need to get in touch with us. We were created for riders and will see how we can help you best.

Anything else you’d like to add or highlight about the Screamer LTD?
Yes, do not underestimate its power!

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