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Meet at The Hot Springs Palapas at 130 pm Thursday Dec 23rd

Dress in a Xmas costume (Santa, elf, reindeer, snowman, or get creative)

Do a downwinder all together on your decorated  kite, windsurfer, SUP, Hobie Cat, inner tube, canoe, aquacouch, air mattress, floating cooler, or other craft.

Land at the beach at Palapas Ventana and then party at the bar in your costume with festive drink specials, music  and prizes:

-Best Costume, Biggest Meltdown, Craziest Xmas craft, most likely to be Kon Tiki award, Best synchronized aqua-performance, Best pyrotechnics, Naughty or nice Award, Ravage and Plunder Award, Baja Humbug Award, Xmas Carols at sea award, Figgy Pudding Award (We won’t go until we get some).

This event is for wind and paddle craft only – vessels with motors shall operate under the strict rule handicap of mandatory dispersement of beverages to other vessels while aformentioned vessel is operating under power. In laymans terms the simple seaman’s code Power on, drink on is used or  Red over green drinking machine shall always be the stand on vessel. Remember Life jackets are recommended for this event.

Need a ride?? Hop on Santas sleighs at 100 pm as they pass from South Bay north picking up elves and their crafts on our transpo trailers. This is a real event.