TESTED: 134 cm
AVAILABLE SIZES: 125, 128, 131, 134, and 137 cm
TESTED IN: Central California, small waves, 15-25 knots


Since the beginning, the Nobile High Performance (NHP) has always been the product of evolution. Nobile’s Flagship model repeatedly wins tests in magazines and always has great feedback from riders. The 2011 Nobile NHP is the board of choice for everybody who’s looking for an exceptional big air freestyle machine without compromising on comfort and upwind performance, making it ideal for everybody who desires high power riding, explosive POP, and controlled, smooth landings.


Out of the Box: The Nobile NHP features bright graphics and an asymmetrical outline. The graphics feature windows that allow you to see the wood and honeycomb core and the strips of carbon used in its construction. This is a lightweight board with a fairly large amount of flex. The NHP also has a unique 3D channeled bottom in the tips and a progressive rocker line that is fairly flat in the middle. Our test board had 2010 straps and pads on it, so we weren’t able to test the 2011 ones.

On the Water: The first thing our testers noticed was how easily driven the NHP is. It takes little power to get going and shoots upwind almost effortlessly. This board cuts through chop like butter and has a good amount of pop, especially for big-air jumps. The NHP is very comfortable and predictable underfoot and is very easy to control.


The Nobile NHP is a good all-around board if you want a comfortable and easy to ride board that gets upwind quickly and works very well for big-air style jumping. If you are more into wakestyle riding, you may want to look at the Nobile 50/50. The NHP works surprisingly well when underpowered and it provides a really smooth ride in choppy water.


  • Consider not using the Nobile handle, at least the 2010 version. It isn’t really necessary and it’s massive.
  • Make sure you set the board up correctly. The more rounded corners are on the toeside of the board.


“On the first tack out I was charging upwind even in the lighter areas. The NHP loaded up and popped for unhooked and hooked in jumps very well and cut through chop comfortably.” – Mitchell Icard, 180 lbs., Freestyle Rider

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