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From https://www.spotas.lt

So here it is! The very first documentary by Spotas – “open La Ventana”. This short movie was born while living in La Ventana, among the people who spent all their lives there. Film was edited and put together on the way between Mexico, Ecuador and Brazil. It was a challenge to sit down and concentrate for work without a place called “home”. I’m very happy that it’s finally done and you will see it right here:

open La Ventana from Girmantas Neniskis on Vimeo.


We have met Jesus Lucero and Maria Beltran Lucero who came here more than 70 years ago. They have witnessed the entire transformation process how small fishermen village became famous watersports destination. These people were here before roads, electricity, telephone lines and first cars came. On the other hand, Mr. Bill came to the town more than 10 years ago, right before the biggest changes happened in the bay of La Ventana. He was here when the village started to grow rapidly.

In addition creative process was a positive challenge for me. It made me evaluate the filmmaking from a different angle. When you see a long credit list at the end of the movie, you always wonder why does one need such a big crew to make a movie? But when you need to keep track on the image, sound, find locations and on top of that, lead the conversation yourself, you simply start dreaming about assistants. Not to get into specifics, this project taught me a lot. It helped me to learn how to plan and film when you have certain objectives, limited time and final goal. I will write about the process itself later, but now I’m just very happy to present “open La Ventana”!