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AVAILABLE SIZES: 7m (Rabbit Series includes 5, 7, 9, 11, 15m)
TESTED IN: Pismo Beach and Zuma, CA, 20-30 knots, small-medium surf

2010/2011 Wainman Hawaii Gypsy


When the wind is firing, you ask yourself a question: Which partner am I going to trust to do the job just right? The Gypsy is a 7-meter kite made to serve experienced riders in stronger winds and rougher water conditions. It is also a very stable and intuitive kite with a great low-end range, which makes it a great kite choice for lighter riders in moderate winds. No matter who is driving `em, they always say: “Nice shot, Gypsy.”



Out of the Box: Like the other Wainman Hawaii kites that we’ve tested, we were impressed with the attention to detail on the Gypsy package. The kite ships with two bags (one basic and one backpack) and replacement parts for the components most likely to wear out: the depower line and line pigtails. The Gypsy is the 7m kite in the Rabbit line, and like the other Rabbits it is a three-strut kite with individually inflated struts (no one-pump). The short bridle is easy and intuitive to adjust or can be removed all together and the lines connected directly to the kite if you prefer more of a C-kite feel. One maddening thing about the otherwise great bag is the zipper. There is a small strip of cloth on the inside of the bag which covers the zipper, but it constantly gets caught in the teeth when zipping the bag closed.

The Gypsy’s bar is very clean and features a push away quick release, plastic-coated depower line, 24m lines (17m + 7m extensions) and above-bar depower cleat. There are multiple leash attachment options, and the Gypsy comes with a mini-fifth line in the bag, but the consumer needs to install it.

On the Water: For testing, we flew the Gypsy on the stock bridle settings. In the sky, the Gypsy is a great looking kite that never displays tendencies to flutter or stall. The Gypsy is a fast kite, both in the speed it flies through the air and in its turning speed. Bar pressure is light, but enough that you can easily feel exactly where the kite is in the sky. Turning is very direct and immediate and the Gypsy holds power through its turns without showing signs of stalling. For a 7m kite, the Gypsy is smooth and predictable, but like all small kites it can get a little jumpy in the large gusts.

The Gypsy is a great all-around kite, performing equally well in the waves, unhooked, and for big air jumps. It depowers very well and very smoothly without an excessive amount of travel in the bar. This kite has a great wind range, both at its upper and lower ends. Relaunching the Gypsy is almost effortless, even in the surf. All of our testers thought that the Gypsy was a very fun small kite that will suit a lot of different riders very well.


  • The Gypsy is a very simple high-performance kite without any unnecessary frills, yet you can still notice the attention to detail that went into it.
  • The Gypsy is a great all-around kite that riders of all levels and styles will be able to have fun on.


  • The proper leash connection point is not obvious to a beginner or intermediate kiter. We would prefer if Wainman Hawaii shipped their bars with the mini-fifth line installed, instead of leaving it to the rider to install it.
  • The fast flying and turning of the Gypsy may be a little but much for beginning kiters in high winds near the top of the Gypsy’s wind range.


The Gypsy is a great all-around kite that suits a lot of different riding styles. It performs very well unhooked, has great jumping performance, and also works great in the waves. Riders who like simple setups without a lot of fuss will like the Gypsy, but some riders may be disappointed by the lack of a one-pump system. Experienced riders will love the speed and direct responsiveness of the Gypsy, while less experienced riders will enjoy the predictability and stability.


  • All of the Wainman Hawaii kites we’ve tested so far perform best when pumped up very hard. If you store your kite with the ribs inflated, let some air out before putting it in your hot car.
  • Experiment with different bridle settings and line lengths. You can drastically change how this kite feels by taking the bridle off and flying it on 17m lines compared with the stock settings.


“The Gypsy is very stable and sits back in the window a bit. You can do some stupid stuff with this kite and it stays in the air!” Gary Martin, 175 lbs., Surf Kiter.

“In one word, the Gypsy is FUN! This fast, quick turning kite will be a favorite for wave and freestyle riders alike,” Kurt Friedmann, 180 lbs., Surf Kiter.

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