Fall is my favorite time to be out here on the Outer Banks.  The weather is beautiful, and the conditions don’t get any better.
The day after arriving home from Canada we scored some SW and got a great session in the slick.  Its always nice to come back to your home spot and get good riding.
Every time I ride my 9m Envy I have so much fun!  After an epic day of SW the NE kicked in from Hurricane Igor.  The ocean was massive, 12 ft @ 15 sec.
The REAL team was on it scoring all the sessions, Sunday the swell maxed out and the outside bombs were 15ft+.  It was awesome to be in the ocean dodging whitewater and just trying to survive.
After Hurricane comes the dreaded high pressure.  Well for us that just means one thing Wakeboard.  Sabo, Pete, Kevin and I all headed out for a little slider riding.  We had the JWCF rail and the Scoop A-Frame out. It was really glassy and everyone was learning new tricks and having a great time.  I managed to land some new things on the Wayne and was really pleased with the overall vibe on the water.

Only a few days later we got a little hunch that a spot called Jockeys Ridge was going to go off.  So  Sensi, Sabo, BCS, and I packed up the car and headed north to the dune.  It is quite an amazing little spot here in Hatteras.  It heats up during our hot days and makes a nice thermal giving an extra boost to the SW winds.
We were having a great wake session, I was perfect on my 12m Envy, until the thermal kicked in.  We went from throwing wake tricks to throwing big deadmans.  I love that about kiting, one minute your riding low powered, then the next your 40 ft in the air.  After a bit fooling around we cam across a stump right near the waters edge.  We were having a blast air transitioning and tapping the tree.  BCS even nailed a sweet double bonk!  It gave us something else to mix it up on the water and that helps keep it fun.

After all the riding we gorged at the local burger shack Five Guys.  By the time I was home I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  Who knows what the next day holds, somehow its always fun here in Hatty!